Safeguarding Futures

Responsible investing goes hand-in-hand with our organization’s values. One needs to look no further than our mission statement to understand that the notion of investing responsibly is core to our culture. We enrich lives and safeguard futures. We do the right thing – we invest with partners who share our values and those of our clients. 

Responsible investing makes good business sense – it can reduce risk and seeks to create better outcomes – for all stakeholders. It helps to safeguard our collective futures.


We believe the actions we take today that affect our environment will impact us all. It is our collective responsibility to make thoughtful decisions that will safeguard our planet and preserve it for future generations.


We believe all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity or nationality, are deserving of respect, inclusion, safe work environments and basic human rights.


We believe alignment of interests, fair compensation, transparency and accountability are crucial to generating long-term, sustainable performance.

ESG Data Collection, Reporting & Insights

Novata is the leading ESG data management platform built specifically to help private equity firms and private companies navigate the complex ESG landscape more easily.  We are proud to be part of the consortium that created the new public benefit corporation which also includes the Ford Foundation, S&P Global, and Omidyar Network, and has the support of more than a dozen private equity firms and pension funds. The innovative platform provides:  
  • A clear starting point for selecting ESG metrics  
  • Painless data collection into a secure database  
  • Data insights and analytics tools to inform investment decisions

There is a critical need for better ESG reporting – LPs are asking for it, government regulation is beginning to demand it and trying to report with the fragmented and sporadic inputs of today is too hard. That has to change. The push for more responsible investing and for greater transparency in ESG measurement represents, I believe, one of the biggest opportunities in our industry today. 


Responsible Investment Committee

Paul Yett

Director of ESG & Sustainability

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Jeffrey Armbrister

Chief Financial Officer

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Carolin Blank

Head of Relationship Management EMEA

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Brent Burnett

Head of Real Assets Investments

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Brian Gildea

Head of Evergreen Portfolios

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David Helgerson

Head of Impact Investments

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Miguel Luiña

Managing Director, Fund Investments

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Katie Moore

Managing Director, Fund Investments

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Jackie Rantanen

Head of Investor Solutions

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ESG Investment Policy Statement

Responsible investing is a global business imperative and key to building long-term value in a rapidly changing world. We at Hamilton Lane have been delivering on this premise and proudly helping our clients secure a better future for more than 30 years.
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Climate Policy Statement

Our mission statement is clear: We enrich lives and safeguard futures. In our view, there has been no larger threat to the collective futures of our investors and beneficiaries during our lifetime than that posed by climate change.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy

Fulfilling our corporate mission of ‘Enriching Lives and Safeguarding Futures’ requires tapping into the collective sum of the individual and unique life experiences, knowledge, self-expression, capabilities and talent that each of our employees bring to their work every single day.
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The Paris Agreement

Hamilton Lane is proud to support the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and its goal of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The consequences of warming above these limits will be dire for large portions of the planet and their inhabitants. We seek to align our investment activities with a transition to the lower carbon economy needed to meet the goals of the agreement wherever possible.


Hamilton Lane supports the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The TCFD has emerged as the predominant framework for reporting on climate-related financial information which is imperative to broadening industry understanding of the risks and opportunities posed by a warming climate. We believe that reliable data is key to both informed investment decision making and positive change for our planet.

Initiative Climat International

Our firm is a proud signatory to Initiative Climat International (iCI), a platform of leading private equity investors dedicated to understanding and reducing carbon emissions from private equity-backed companies. As a member, we commit to active engagement with portfolio companies to manage and reduce emissions and to promote sustainability. 

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