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Private Markets 101: The Basics

A quick reference guide to help you understand common terms in the private markets asset class that you might not be familiar with.
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Broader Horizons: The Case for Private Markets Investing

A dynamic and innovative global economy still offers investors plenty of long-term growth opportunities. The caveat: You may want to look beyond public markets.
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Beyond 60/40: Allocating to Private Markets

For decades, individual investment portfolios have been governed by a single ratio: 60/40. Conventional wisdom was a portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds.
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Today’s Markets: Loaded for Bear

Take a deep breath. As an investor, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by current market conditions complete with sharp daily swings in the public markets, pesky inflation issues, geopolitical uncertainties and a growing risk of recession on the horizon.

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Secondaries involve a transfer of a private equity interest from one investor to another. In this primer explore the mechanics of a secondary transaction, types of secondary transactions, portfolio benefits, investor cash flow experience, and the advantage of the Hamilton Lane platform.

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From access to growth to where co-investing fits in a portfolio, we've got you covered.

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What are LPs Talking About

We explore a few of the big topics that LPs can’t stop talking about, woven together with and supported by a few pieces of our proprietary data.

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GP-Led Transactions: What LPs Need to Know

Limited partners investing into the space now need to evaluate the secondary market’s evolution and what it means with regard to portfolio allocation and manager selection.

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All the latest private wealth news and insights

Interactive Guide

A Guide to the Private Markets

While this asset class has enormous potential, it represents an entirely new frontier for many
individual investors. Drawing upon Hamilton Lane's 30-year history in the space, this guide
provides an overview of the private markets to those less familiar with them.

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2022 Market Overview

Our 2022 Market Overview draws parallels between the story of King Midas and the exuberance of the private markets of late. Will the industry come to rue the gift of a golden touch? Is all that glitters really gold?

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