Globally diversified platform targeting the SMID market with unique positioning

Our direct equity investment strategy leverages the benefits of the Hamilton Lane platform and market access, aiming to execute high-quality direct equity investments and construct portfolios positioned to deliver compelling returns for our investors. The strategy is primarily focused on making direct equity investments in companies with small- to mid-sized enterprise values. By diversifying our investments, we seek to minimize market risks associated with over-exposure to a single general partner, geography, industry or deal type or size. Our objective is to maximize the multiple of invested capital as well as the IRR for each of the direct equity investments.

  • Leverage Hamilton Lane's extensive platform to drive unique and differentiated deal flow and access for our investors
  • Provide access to direct equity/ co-investments at preferential fees and terms versus traditional buyout funds
  • Focus on small- and mid-sized investments, with an average of nearly 71% of investments co-underwritten or with proprietary access since 2014*
*As of 09/30/22. Represents invested deals in Hamilton Lane Co-Investment Fund III (EO III), Hamilton Lane Co-Investment Fund IV (EO IV) and Hamilton Lane Equity Opportunities Fund V (EO V)

Opportunities Reviewed in 2021


Direct Equity AUM


Years of Direct Equity Experience

*As of 09/30/22

Deal Spotlights


Who they are

A leading global enterprise software solutions provider, selling enterprise resource planning, enterprise asset management, and field service management solutions to global businesses.

Why it matters

In July 2022, IFS distributed significant liquidity to the partnership related to a partial sale of the company. In addition to the distribution, Hamilton Lane retained most of its holdings, and believes there is significant upside remaining.

The bottom line

IFS is a prized asset alongside a quality Sponsor backed by secular trends, and received an attractive valuation.

The HL Advantage

As a strategic partner to the Sponsor, Hamilton Lane received unique access to make a significant investment that provided supportive capital for a synergistic follow-on investment.

BDP International

Who they are

Leading provider of complex, non-asset-based international logistics and supply chain solutions, supporting the unique needs of its global customer base across the chemical, petrochemical, healthcare and life-sciences sectors.


Why It Matters

With the expertise necessary to handle the complexity of international chemical logistics, BDP was well-positioned to capture strong industry growth.

Unique Access

Hamilton Lane invested alongside an experienced sponsor who had tracked BDP for more than a decade prior to investing. The sponsor’s investment was the first institutional capital in the company and was used to professionalize the business. Hamilton Lane was one of a select few strategic partners in the deal.


Who they are

AutoStore is a robotics and software company providing automation technology solutions primarily for the warehouse and distribution end-markets.

The HL advantage

Hamilton Lane was familiar with this best-in-class sponsor, having backed several of their funds, and with previous experience as co-underwriting partner to the GP.

Why it matters

Hamilton Lane was advantaged as one of only four strategic investors alongside the sponsor, which allowed for significant allocation. In October 2021, AutoStore priced its IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The bottom line

In October 2021, AutoStore priced its IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Our large, skilled and experienced global team is adept at analyzing complex situations and leverages one of the largest platforms in the private markets industry. Utilizing this network and the data it generates gives us invaluable insights to identify trends and opportunities for our investment decisions, as well as access to unique transactions.
Jeff Armbrister
Head of Direct Equity Investments

Leveraging our database of over 18,000 funds and 128,000+ private companies

Our data advantage is a key differentiator and allows the Direct Equity Investment Team to access an abundance of investment opportunities and information advantages throughout the investment lifecycle, from diligence to allocation to monitoring and reporting. We leverage our firm’s capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the private markets, as well as our significant technological reporting and analytical capabilities, to better understand the value drivers within a given investment and ultimately strive to generate compelling returns for our investors.

*As of 09/30/22

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