Seeking to deliver attractive returns while generating meaningful and measurable impact

We seek to make impact investments with a dual objective of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns while creating a measurable social and environmental impact. Since 2001, we have been developing and investing in mission-driven customized portfolio solutions for our clients, investing across the growing market opportunity and leveraging Hamilton Lane’s global platform, network and deal flow. Importantly, we also identify and report on impact metrics of underlying investments.

  • Strategic investment partner for private markets fund managers globally with broad coverage of private impact markets
  • Striving to generate measurable social and environmental impact in addition to financial returns
  • Same rigorous underwriting, shared intel, data and resources across Hamilton Lane’s investment and research activities, including an impact lens
  • Investing with a focus on the core impact sectors of: Healthcare, Energy & Environment, Community Development and Financial Empowerment

Opportunities Reviewed in 2022


Committed Across 6 Impact Deals in 2022


Years of Impact Investing Experience


Impact AUM*

*Inclusive of Hamilton Lane Impact Funds and place-based investing programs, as of June 30, 2023

Shaping Our Day-to-Day Lives

Private equity can empower companies to act independently, innovate intelligently and positively impact our everyday lives. We explore the meaningful presence of this asset class in our world and the progress we’ve made – enabled by private equity.

Experience Progress Made Possible

Deal Spotlights

TXO Systems

Who they are

Provider of B2B circular economy solutions for telecommunications and related industries through the sale, reuse, repair and recycling of equipment, driving significant CO2 savings.

Why it matters

The company has built a multi-decade reputation as a go-to resource for businesses looking to further their sustainability, offering a full suite of services to reduce waste and landfill.

The HL advantage

Our strategic relationship with the sponsor and our impact alignment resulted in a significant allocation into the deal.

Intersect Power

Who they are

Intersect Power is a developer of large utility-scale renewable energy with a current focus on solar and battery-storage projects primarily located in the Western U.S.

Why it matters

Intersect’s projects will directly facilitate significant renewable energy generation and storage, offsetting traditional fossil fuel energy sources.

The HL advantage

Hamilton Lane’s strategic relationship with the sponsors allowed for unique access to a strong impact deal with attractive pricing dynamics.


Who they are

A provider of behavioral health software that enables remote monitoring and behavioral health integration across the continuum of care, including psychology, primary care and pain management settings.

Why it matters

NeuroFlow’s hybrid care model, where digital engagement reinforces in-person clinical care, presents a unique opportunity to enhance the overall effectiveness of behavioral healthcare.

The HL advantage

Hamilton Lane has been following the company for several years and was provided proprietary access due to our focused impact investing efforts, along with a strong relationship with the sponsor.
Read our take on the current Impact landscape
Hamilton Lane’s platform, scale and data expertise give us a powerful advantage in identifying and executing on what we believe to be attractive investment opportunities aimed at benefitting society.
David Helgerson
Head of Impact Investments

Technology facilitates impact metric tracking

Hamilton Lane’s technology solutions support our objective of generating compelling returns and social and environmental impact for our investors. Using these technology solutions, we can monitor and report the relevant impact metrics respective to each investment. These metrics include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Energy savings
  • Water cleaned
  • Landfill waste reduction

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