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Myth of Peak Venture
The Myth of Peak Venture
To the casual observer, it may seem like all signs are pointing to “peak venture.” The news is full of stories exposing the excesses of the industry and predicting its imminent collapse. And to be fair, there’s plenty for people to worry about: fundraising for venture is at an all-time high; prices by round are setting records; unprofitable IPOs are back in vogue with public investors willing to bet big on businesses burning through cash; and possibly the most alarming indicator of all, Patagonia is so concerned by its association with the image of VCs that it announced it will no longer allow financial firms to add their logos to their signature fleece vests. Read the article.
Girls Who Invest Real Estate Performance
Hamilton Lane Partners with Girls Who Invest
For the third consecutive year, Hamilton Lane has partnered with Girls Who Invest, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in investment management and executive leadership in the asset management industry. Read the press release.
Pulling Back the Curtain on Real Estate Performance
As investor interest in the real assets sector continues to increase, we thought we’d take the opportunity to pull back the curtain on one specific (often beloved) sub-sector: Real estate, in this blog post. Read the post.
2018 Market Overview: Performance
Watch a clip on performance in the private markets from our Market Overview presentation in New York City this past October.
Co-Investing: The Struggle is Real Benchmarking in Real Assets
CI: The Struggle is Real
Some are ardent proponents, others are vehement skeptics. Regardless, with growing public discourse, the level of interest in co-investing continues to grow. In this white paper, Managing Director Jeff Armbrister discusses the ins and outs of co-investing in the private markets. Read the article.
Benchmarking in Real Assets
In this blog post, Vice President TC Rolfstad dissects the challenging and complex task of benchmarking in the world of private real assets in this blog post. Read the post.
2018 Market Overview: Operating Partners
Watch a clip on the current private markets fundraising environment from our Market Overview presentation in New York City this past October.
A Tale of Real Assets Choose Your Own Downturn
A Tale of Real Assets
Aptly titled A Tale of Real Assets, our inaugural Real Assets Market Overview offers an in-depth review of the space, the disparate strategies and realities within today’s market and a breakdown of the trends and opportunities within each sub-sector. Read the report.
Choose Your Own Downturn
Volatility is on the rise and an eventual downturn seems inevitable – so how should private markets investors position their portfolios? Chief Client Officer Jeff Meeker explores the different possibilities depending on what path you choose in this recent white paper. Read the article.
2019: The Year of Data & Technology
In this video, Principal Griff Norville discusses some insights from the recent white paper in which he writes about the importance of data and technology.