Andrew Schardt

Head of Global Investment Strategy, Co-Head of Investments

Drew is the Head of Global Investment Strategy, Co-Head of Investments and Co-Head of Direct Credit. As Head of Investment Strategy, Drew is responsible for shaping strategic portfolio decisions across Hamilton Lane’s various investment strategies and product areas. In his capacity as Co-Head of Direct Credit, Drew helps oversee credit-related investment activities and co-manages the Direct Credit team. Drew is a member of the Investment Committee as well as the firm’s Executive Committee.  

Prior to joining Hamilton Lane in 2008, Drew focused on principal investing and advisory activities while at TCG Advisors, an Aerospace & Defense-focused merchant bank. Previously, Drew held positions with Holberg, Inc., a diversified private holding company, and he began his career in investment banking at Banc of America Securities. 

Drew received an M.B.A from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell University.

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State of the Private Markets

Hear from senior executives as they discuss current environment, private markets valuations, and what we believe are the two most attractive sectors today.

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Today’s Markets: Loaded for Bear

Take a deep breath. As an investor, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by current market conditions complete with sharp daily swings in the public markets, pesky inflation issues, geopolitical uncertainties and a growing risk of recession on the horizon. But, remember, we all knew this day would have to come.

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ThinkAdvisor: 8 Reasons Private Equity Deserves Advisors’ Attention

Here are eight reasons why private equity, and private markets, deserve advisors’ attention, as presented by Hamilton Lane’s Drew Schardt, head of global investment strategy, and Steve Brennan, managing director and member of the investment committee, in a recent webinar.

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What Are LPs Talking About?

Just like our signature Market Overview, in this preview we will endeavor to provide unique data and valuable insights – albeit on a smaller scale. Specifically, we thought we would explore a few of the big topics that LPs can’t stop talking about, woven together with and supported by a few pieces of our proprietary data.

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Inflation: We've Seen This Movie Before…Or Have We?

The timing and magnitude of interest rate increases are challenging to predict, especially amid some of the varying economic indicators policy makers must weigh. While the world’s central bankers will want to ensure that global economies do not “overheat,” they must also be mindful of the sensitive economic recovery underway. That’s a delicate balancing act – even in times when there’s not a pandemic variable at play.

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That Escalated Quickly

Who knew that the comedic genius of Mr. Ron Burgundy would capture the spirit of a multifaceted topic so well? And what is that topic, you ask? Well, what is nipping at the heels of COVID, QAnon, SPACs and WFH as the most discussed subject? Inflation. And the escalation of chatter around rising prices doesn’t look like it will subside anytime soon.

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Rainy Days, Credit Quality and Market Conditions: 5 Key Considerations for Private Credit

In our first attempt at a "listicle" (yes, we are extremely hip), we're tackling some of the pros and cons around the current economic cycle, and taking a closer look at private credit as an asset class to see how it might fare. [Spoiler alert: We think private credit is a pretty good and relatively more predictable spot to be in when the going gets tough – whenever that may be.] Here's our list of some key considerations for private credit investors right now.

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