Private Equity represents a target-rich environment, the market potential of which is viewed as dramatically larger compared to publicly-traded companies

Private Equity –A broad term used to describe any fund that offers equity capital to private companies.

Institutional audience only not for retail investors.

In the U.S. there are over 17,000 private companies with annual revenues over $100 million vs. approximately 2,600 public companies with the same annual revenues

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Broader Horizons: The Case for Private Markets Investing

A dynamic and innovative global economy still offers investors plenty of long-term growth opportunities. The caveat: You may want to look beyond public markets to find them.

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Planning Ahead: Investors Seeking Growth May Need to Look Beyond Public Equities

Long-term investors in search of their next big growth opportunities may do well to look beyond public equities to find them.

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Private Markets Due Diligence: Private vs. Public Markets

You’ve no doubt heard about or read about the ever-declining number of public market stocks available to investors today. For instance, the Wilshire 5000 Index used to contain 5,000 stocks; today that number is closer to 3,500.

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