Access to primary, secondary and direct investments across infrastructure, real estate and natural resources

The Real Assets Investment Team focuses on global real asset investment opportunities that have the potential to generate consistent distribution yields and compelling risk-adjusted total returns. We remain highly selective, while seeking to deploy capital in situations in which we believe we have a competitive advantage in gaining access to and evaluating high-quality assets alongside leading general partners and operators. We believe this approach, coupled with thoughtful and deliberate portfolio construction, provides our clients with diversified and well-managed exposure to global real assets.

  • Highly selective, investing in only 2.07% of $31.2B+ worth of transactions reviewed from 2019-2022
  • Actively investing in real assets since 1999, the team today manages more than $12.3 billion of AUM and $152.8 billion of AUS
  • Unique access within the sector due to investment relationships with 500+ individual managers, leading to visibility on differentiated, often off-market opportunities across sub-sectors1
*As of 12/31/2022
1Includes any investment with an investment strategy of real estate, infrastructure, or natural resources.

Assets Under Management & Supervision


Opportunities Reviewed in 2022


Years of Real Assets Investing

*As of 12/31/22

Deal Spotlights

Project Seaside LNG

Who they are

Co-investment in a privately held small-scale LNG liquefaction facility and LNG bunkering barge operation backed by long-term contracts with two blue chip companies.

The HL advantage

HL has had a long relationship with the sponsor, an energy specialist who has maintained a presence in the local market since inception. The sponsor’s experience allowed them to be the preferred bidder in the process, as other bidders lacked the committed capital or had Jones Act restrictions.

The bottom line

HL’s relationship with the GP allowed us to participate in a unique and irreplicable opportunity, highlighted by growing demand for LNG, limited bunkering supply, contracted cash flows and expansion options.


Who they are

A fully permitted and contracted underground renewable power transmission line spanning 339 miles from Canada to New York City.

Why it matters

TDI can provide New York City with 24/7 renewable power for ~20% of total daily power consumption* and is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 3.9 million tons annually, which is equivalent to removing ~44% of the city’s vehicles. Further, the project is estimated to generate $1.4 billion in new tax revenue for local communities over the first 25 years and create 1,400 jobs during construction.**

The HL advantage

Hamilton Lane’s longstanding and established relationship with the sponsor allowed us to track the project’s development over the last decade, through permitting, governmental relations and construction de-risking initiatives.

The bottom line

Hamilton Lane leveraged our strong relationship with the sponsor to access an oversubscribed opportunity with a favorable risk/return profile.


Why it matters

One of the largest privately-owned engineering and contracting firms in the U.S., providing healthcare, education, commercial and government customers with turnkey energy-as-a-service solutions.



The HL Advantage

As an integrated provider of development, financing, design, construction and operational solutions, Bernhard helps its customers more efficiently manage their assets, thereby reducing energy use, risk and costs.  These efficiencies help to reduce carbon footprints and minimize energy waste. 

The HL Advantage

Hamilton Lane has had a relationship with the Sponsor dating back to their early funds. We have also had a relationship with the selling GP dating back to the firm’s inception nearly 10 years ago, and had the unique opportunity to track the progress of Bernhard during their ownership. This provided a unique perspective into the company’s performance and prospects for future value creation.

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We leverage our global platform, information advantages and deep sector expertise in real estate, infrastructure and natural resources to identify what we believe to be the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities for our clients and managed accounts.
Brent Burnett
Global Head of Real Assets

Greater insight driven by a robust technology platform

Hamilton Lane’s continued investment in private markets technology solutions provides unparalleled access to information including a database with more than 18,000+ funds, 12,000 unique managers, and 130,000+ companies, properties and assets. Further, each year the firm participates in over 1,300 meetings with general partners on average, and reviews 1,100+ PPMs. Together, these insights help enable Hamilton Lane to be a more informed investor and a valuable strategic partner to managers, thereby providing access to unique opportunities.

*As of 12/31/22

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