Private Wealth Strategies Global Private Assets Fund - Canada

A Core Private Markets Portfolio Through a Single Allocation

Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund (The Fund), is a Luxembourg domiciled Part II SICAV investment fund. It is organized as a société anonyme under the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and qualifies as a société d’investissement à capital variable (SICAV). The Fund’s investment objective is to generate capital appreciation over the medium- and long-term through investments in private assets globally while offering monthly liquidity to investors without traditional challenges.

Unique deal flow and investments

Seeking to provide direct access to private company investments, GPA utilizes Hamilton Lane’s distinct relationship and information advantages.

Investor-friendly fund structure

The Global Private Assets Fund is designed to eliminate the challenges of traditional private markets structures and investing.

Potential to achieve attractive returns

With a larger opportunity set in private markets, GPA seeks to outperform the public equity markets over a long-term investment horizon.

The Hamilton Lane Evergreen Advantage

Hamilton Lane is a leading private markets investment management firm providing innovative solutions to sophisticated investors around the world. Dedicated exclusively to private markets investing for 30 years, we have an extensive platform that drives unique and differentiated investment deal flow and access to best-in-class general partners. The scale of our platform, combined with our investment and portfolio management expertise, enables us to construct diversified portfolios for our investors.

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How Can Hamilton Lane help you achieve your investment objectives?

We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential. We seek to uncover and unlock value by identifying companies with untapped potential and work to enhance their performance.
  • 30 years of unmatched expertise
  • Clients have access to the same investment teams that work with the largest institutions in the world
  • Diversify your daily liquidity holdings with a vehicle that employs longer-term leverage to enable possible additional yield potential
  • Investment opportunity for potential short-term returns

Monthly Fund Performance
As of 31.5.2024

Fund Performance (Net)

May 2024


Since Inception Annualized


Target Portfolio Construction

Single allocation exposure to a diverse private assets portfolio.

  • Over 65% in fee-efficient investments
  • Secondaries offer diversification with over 50 underlying companies
  • No primary fund allocation
  • Most attractive opportunities in North America
  • Europe and ROW investments provide global reach and diversification
  • Equities can drive long-term capital appreciation
  • Credit investments can offer downside protection and provide liquidity
  • Venture capital access generally achieved through secondary purchases

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Relationship Team

Mike Woollatt
Head of Canada
Justin Janas, CFA, CAIA
Vice President, Private Wealth Solutions
Jeff Benson
Jeff Benson
Vice President, Institutional Accounts
Emile Bouchard
Emile Bouchard
Vice President, Private Wealth Solutions

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