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At the center of the global private capital markets, we have built relationships, networks and trust to bring together the private markets community for over 30 years. The Hamilton Lane Knowledge Center is an online educational resource for private capital investors.

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Private Equity in 60 Seconds

Evergreen Funds in 60 Seconds

J-Curve in 60 Seconds

Private Credit in 60 Seconds

Co-Investments in 60 Seconds

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Private Markets Terminology

A reference guide to help you understand common private market terms.
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Introduction to Private Equity

In the simplest terms, private equity, also known as PE, is an investment in which funds are raised from investors, pooled-or co-mingled, and used to acquire equity ownership in private companies that are not listed on a public stock exchange. Dive into our introduction to PE.
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Introduction to Evergreen Funds

Evergreen funds, also know as open-ended or semi-liquid funds, allow investors to make long-term investments in private companies. In this introductory piece we compare evergreen funds to traditional funds.
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Introduction to the J-curve

The term "J-curve" refers to the typical pattern of returns for private equity investments. But what does that mean for you? Check out our introduction on this popular concept.
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Introduction to Private Credit

Private credit is capital invested in the form of loans, bonds or other credit instruments that are issued to private companies by a non-bank lender.
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Introduction to Co-Investments

A direct co-investment is a collaborative investment structure where a private equity firm & external investors jointly invest in a private company.
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Introduction to Private Real Estate

Understand what private real estate investing is, the benefits to having it in your portfolio & how it differs from REITS.
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Interactive Guide

A Guide to the Private Markets

While this asset class has enormous potential, it represents an entirely new frontier
for many investors. Drawing on our 30+ year history with private markets,
this guide provides an overview of the private markets.

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Secondaries: A Primer

Secondaries involve a transfer of a private equity interest from one investor to another, allowing liquidity for an otherwise illiquid asset. In this primer explore the mechanics of a secondary transaction, types of secondary transactions, portfolio benefits, investor cash flow experience, and the advantage of the Hamilton Lane platform.

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See Private Markets in the Real World

Now there are more private companies than ever before. Discover how this asset class is making an impact in the real world.


Private Markets Due Diligence

More investors are flocking to the private markets, but what does that mean for your due diligence process? These blog posts touch on questions to ask to ensure you are prepared to enter the private markets space.

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The Co-Investment Landscape

From access to growth to where co-investing fits in a portfolio, we've got you covered.

  • Drivers of Growth within Co-Investing
  • Due Diligence in Co-Investing
  • Co-Investing vs. Buyout: Key Differences
  • Hamilton Lane's Co-Investing Process

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