Seeking to access top-tier venture and growth equity companies through funds, secondaries and direct investments

Our venture and growth equity strategy focuses on concentrating capital into what we believe to be best-in-class, high-growth companies. We do this through fund investments with venture and growth managers, direct investments and solution-oriented secondaries. We leverage our long-standing relationships to gain access to what we have determined to be the most attractive opportunities at ideal stages and through efficient structures. This strategy is designed to produce an asymmetric return profile that limits losses, while capturing the attractive upside that venture and growth equity investments can provide.
  • Less correlation to other strategies due to greater sensitivity to innovation cycle as opposed to financial markets
  • Seeks an attractive risk/return profile driven by limited use of leverage and potential for outsized returns
  • Provides a counterbalance to the disruption of incumbents from high growth, tech-enabled businesses
  • Potential for high multiple contribution from long-term, compounding growth

Assets Under Management & Supervision


General Partners With Whom We Actively Invest¹


Years Investing Experience

*As of 6/30/2023

¹Investments with a strategy of Venture Capital or Growth Equity. Includes discretionary and advisory relationships.

Deal Spotlights


Who they are

Leading internet intelligence platform for cybersecurity threat hunting and attack surface management

Why it matters

The company has built a mission-critical platform with growing demand from both government and commercial customers, in a space that has seen increasing market and regulatory tailwinds.

The HL advantage

Our deep relationship with the sponsor led to participation in the insider-led round at an attractive valuation. We also had an information advantage as our strong relationships with key existing investors allowed for a thorough due diligence process.

Project Astro

Who they are

An emerging leader in the automated security validation sector.


Why it matters

We had unique access to a well-capitalized, expansion-stage cyber security business that was demonstrating exceptional growth and margins.

The bottom line

Our secondary investment was structured at an attractive entry point, with both downside protection and the potential for outsized returns.

The HL advantage

Our strong relationships with key existing investors allowed for a thorough due diligence process, while our secondary capabilities provided a creative and attractive investment structure.
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As a committed venture and growth equity investor, we have developed deep relationships that help drive what we believe to be enhanced access to highly compelling venture and growth equity opportunities.
Miguel Luiña
Managing Director, Fund Investments

Technology platform and access to data provide competitive advantage

Hamilton Lane’s continued investment in private markets technology solutions provides unparalleled access to information, including a database with over 20,100+ funds, 12,650 unique managers, and 140,400+ companies. Further, each year the firm participates in over 1,300 meetings with general partners on average, and reviews 1,100+ PPMs. Together, these insights help enable Hamilton Lane to be a more informed investor and a valuable strategic partner to managers, thereby providing access to unique opportunities.

*As of 6/30/23

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