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Access to the private credit market, emphasizing current yield with an aim toward downside protection

The direct credit investment strategy is focused on the opportunity set within more senior components of a company’s capital structure, and with characteristics including contractual yield, shorter duration and capital preservation. Our goal is to provide investors with attractive, risk-adjusted returns by employing our differentiated approach to this strategy.

  • Investing alongside experienced, best-in-class general partners operating in their areas of expertise
  • Focusing on transactions with Hamilton Lane information and/or access advantages
  • Prioritizing transaction structures designed to offer enhanced downside protection
  • Emphasizing asset quality by targeting defensible, market-leading assets

Deal Flow Since 2015


Committed Capital Across 245+ Transactions


Years Investing in Direct Credit

*As of 12/31/23

Deal Spotlights

Unifeye Vision Partners

Who they are

A medical vision platform that provides Anterior Segment Ophthalmology, Oculoplastics, Optometry and Retinal Specialty Treatment across 50+ clinics and 15 surgical centers in the U.S.

Why it matters

UVP provides industry-leading procedures and examinations across multiple specialties (from treatment of eye disorders to cosmetic surgery) in a vertically integrated model that allows patients to stay in the UVP network through the lifecycle of their treatment plan.

The bottom line

The investment is attractively priced, and the company has grown consistently from both case volume increases and the execution of a successful acquisition strategy. UVP has a well-developed referral base of eye doctors, primary care physicians and consumers. Additionally, UVP has a diversified payor base and a strong bench of physician talent, ensuring future positive performance.

The HL advantage

We received preferred access to this transaction, with the equity sponsor contacting us prior to reaching out to other parties due to our 8+ year relationship. Additionally, we have a proven 12-year working relationship with the credit sponsor, having invested in 7+ credit transactions alongside them to date.

Wealth Enhancement Group

Who they are

Provider of retirement planning, investment advisory services, tax strategy and estate planning to working professionals, retirees, single adults and affluent clients in the U.S.

Why it matters

Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG) provides a wide range of highly personalized services in a market rapidly transitioning from traditional low-touch wirehouses and broker dealers to more high-touch offerings.

The bottom line

The investment is attractively priced, and WEG has a long history of executing on both organic and inorganic growth initiatives. The firm has a strong referral base through relationships with the country’s largest custodians, providing services they do not offer themselves. From an inorganic perspective, WEG has integrated 35+ acquisitions since 2020 with a promising pipeline ahead. The company’s key differentiator is their centralized marketing platform that accentuates advisor capabilities, helping them to better serve their clients.

The HL advantage

We have a 15+ year relationship with the equity sponsors, both of which have strong track records of consistent returns.

Cardiovascular Associates of America

Who they are

A cardiology services provider with nearly 200 physicians in 70+ locations across eight states.

Why it matters

Cardiovascular Associates of America is engaging in the transition of cardiac care from inpatient hospital settings to outpatient clinics in a market facing growing demand alongside a shortage of cardiologists.

The bottom line

The investment was attractively priced and senior in the capital structure above a strong equity cushion. Cardiovascular Associates of America is differentiated by its history of strong re-occuring demand, geographic diversity and strong payer mix.

The HL advantage

We had previously invested alongside the equity sponsor, who has a strong track record and proven execution playbook in the healthcare services space. Given our broad relationship with the sponsor, we secured preferred allocation in the credit facility.

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Our direct credit platform leverages a world-class team of experienced professionals to deliver unique access to industry-leading companies backed by leading general partners. Investors benefit from access to diverse credit strategies ranging from senior to opportunistic lending in investor-friendly structures designed to deliver performance and flexibility in areas like duration and liquidity.
Nayef Perry
Head of Direct Credit Investments

Enhancing Deal Selection and Portfolio Construction with Proprietary Data

Our vast proprietary database comprises over $18.9T in fund assets and 152,100+ portfolio companies over 52 vintage years. Our significant investments in leading private markets technology platforms and our extensive network of relationships with general partners allows us to be highly selective investors. We gain access to unique opportunities in part by leveraging our technology capabilities to make better-informed investment decisions.

*As of 12/31/23

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