Seeking to deliver attractive returns while generating meaningful and measurable impact

We seek to make impact investments with a dual objective of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns while creating a measurable social and environmental impact. Since 2001, we have been developing and investing in mission-driven customized portfolio solutions for our clients, investing across the growing market opportunity and leveraging Hamilton Lane’s global platform, network and deal flow. Importantly, we also identify and report on impact metrics of underlying investments.

  • Strategic investment partner for private markets fund managers globally with broad coverage of private impact markets
  • Striving to generate measurable social and environmental impact in addition to financial returns
  • Same rigorous underwriting, shared intel, data and resources across Hamilton Lane’s investment and research activities, including an impact lens
  • Investing with a focus on the core impact sectors of: Healthcare, Energy & Environment, Community Development and Financial Empowerment

Opportunities Reviewed in 2021


Invested Across 11 Impact Deals


Years of Impact Investing Experience

*As of 12/31/21

Deal Spotlights


Who they are

Provider of cloud-based SaaS workplace philanthropic giving and employee engagement solutions that helps facilitate corporate social responsibility programs. Working with a wide variety of companies such as Google, Apple and many smaller businesses, the company has facilitated over 43 million employee volunteer hours.

The HL advantage

Due to our existing relationship with the new sponsor, was we were able to source additional allocation to roll into the new deal and further participate in the company’s growth and future impact.

Big picture

Hamilton Lane received proprietary access into the deal as the only outside investor in a growth round for the fast-growing company. This was due to our relationship with the sponsor, who specifically sought out Hamilton Lane Impact capital.

The bottom line

When the company was sold after a short hold, Hamilton Lane received meaningful distributions.

AeroSafe Global

Who they are

As one of the only solutions available to keep products -70 degrees Celsius throughout shipment, the company was contracted to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide.

The HL advantage

Hamilton Lane garnered unique access to this transformative growth investment though our relationship with the management team as well as lead investor.

Big picture

A notable ESG/Impact-oriented investment, AeroSafe Global’s innovative packaging allows customers to safely deliver temperature-sensitive products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly package that provides superior performance, while utilizing substantially less material than typical cold-chain logistics solutions. 

Why it matters

As one of the only solutions available to keep products -70 degrees Celsius throughout shipment, the company was contracted to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine and has delivered ~90 million doses worldwide. Importantly, the company’s packaging solutions have a 99% return rate, substantially reducing waste and lowering costs. 


Who they are

A cost-effective and expandable platform for Smart City deployments that leverage existing infrastructure to make cities smarter, safer and more connected. 

The HL advantage

Hamilton Lane received advantaged access and co-underwrote this oversubscribed growth round due to our existing relationship with management as an investor in a previous growth round.

Why it matters

Ubicquia provides innovative technology that helps cities reduce energy costs and expand public broadband, bridging the digital divide through its unique product offerings such as utility-grade power metering, inexpensive public Wi-Fi, increased cell coverage, and existing streetlight smart controls. Conversion from legacy streetlights can save a city 40-60% of electricity costs through an LED upgrade and ~85% when networking capabilities are added.

The bottom line

Ubicquia’s services reduced the equivalent of 1,327 metric tons of CO2 emissions, as of August 2021.

Read our take on the current Impact landscape

Hamilton Lane’s platform, scale and data expertise give us a powerful advantage in identifying and executing on what we believe to be attractive investment opportunities aimed at benefitting society.
David Helgerson
Co-Head of Impact Investments

Technology facilitates impact metric tracking

Hamilton Lane’s technology solutions support our objective of generating compelling returns and social and environmental impact for our investors. Using these technology solutions, we can monitor and report the relevant impact metrics respective to each investment. These metrics include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Energy savings
  • Water cleaned
  • Landfill waste reduction

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