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“Our culture's success is easy to measure.  Does each client genuinely believe we put their interests first?  Does each employee believe they matter?  If the answer to these questions is 'yes', we’ve successfully defined and acted on our culture.”
-Mario Giannini, Chief Executive Officer

Mario Giannini, Chief Executive Officer

Analyst Development Program



Hamilton Lane offers recent college graduates the ability to join our investment team as part of our Analyst Development Program. The program begins with several weeks of intensive training at our Philadelphia headquarters. Once completed, analysts join our investment team in a role that progressively grows in responsibility and accountability over the three-year term. Analyst roles are challenging. They are held to high standards and are evaluated and coached regularly.

Once they've successfully completed the initial three-year assignment, participants may:

  • Use the professional network and relationships created during the program to transition their career to another firm within the asset class.
  • Continue their education.
  • Be offered the opportunity to join the Hamilton Lane team full time.

Successful candidates are interested in institutional asset management and have demonstrated excellence in their studies, activities and internships; they are intellectually curious, analytical, progressive and creative thinkers; they are energized by working in a team-based environment; and they are exceptional communicators.