Greatest Hits of 2017


Since we’re only a handful of days into the New Year, we decided that it’s still an appropriate time to release our own “Best of” list.

We’re pleased to bring you, in no particular order, Hamilton Lane’s “Greatest Hits of 2017” list: the top 10 pieces of content that our audiences (ahem, that’s all of you) found most engaging and worthwhile.

Thank you for the unadulterated feedback and thoughtful commentary this past year, and please keep it comin’ in 2018.

REPORT: 2017 Private Markets Survey
Run date: 1/17
Our third annual Private Markets Survey offers a look into the thoughts and opinions of the world’s most prominent private markets players on a range of topics – from the current investment environment to what strategies they’re leaning in on (and out of) and how they believe the markets will evolve.

PRESS RELEASE: Hamilton Lane Expands Presence in Europe
Run date: 5/16
We announced the addition of three senior individuals in response to a year of significant growth across our European client base, as well as an expansion of service lines and product offerings.

ARTICLE: Real Deals: The Big Interview - Q&A with Mario Giannini
Run date: 5/22
In this candid interview, CEO Mario Giannini reflected on the firm’s recent IPO, the perils of co-investment and early encounters with Steve Schwarzman.

VIDEO: Building a Successful Private Credit Program
Run date: 7/6
Global Head of Private Credit Drew Schardt discusses LPs’ growing interest in private credit, advantages that the strategy can provide and how we approach investment opportunities in this evolving space.

VIDEO: Making the Case for Technology in the Private Markets
Run date: 7/18
How could a technology evolution positively impact participants in the private markets? Principal Griff Norville makes the case for technology and discusses our stance on this movement.

ARTICLE: LPs, Are You Sufficiently Investing In Operational Due Diligence?
Run date: 8/2
Although the structure of the private markets industry may limit risk, it does not fully eliminate it. What are LPs to do? CEO Mario Giannini makes the case for proactively investing in operational due diligence efforts – before it becomes a “have to.”

ARTICLE: Dealing with Currency Effects on Private Market Portfolios
Run date: 9/5
What are the options for currency hedging? What are the benefits and costs? What approaches do LPs take to deal with this? Head of Research Mike Ryan discusses the effects that fluctuating currency values can have on investors’ private markets portfolios and outlines why investors might – and might not – want to consider the practice.

VIDEO: In Review: FINDs Q3
Run date: 11/1
Each quarter, we analyze the data from our proprietary Hamilton Lane Fund Investment Database to review the changes and trends taking place in the private markets. Head of Research Mike Ryan discusses our findings in this first half 2017 recap video.

ARTICLE: The Market Overview Top 10: What We’ve Learned, What We Got Right and (Gasp!) What We Got Wrong
Run date: 11/2
We’ve been producing an annual Market Overview for the past 12 years and, in doing so, we’ve certainly learned a thing or two. What predictions did we get right? How much did we get wrong? Managing Director Jeff Meeker takes a look back on our previous Market Overviews and outlines the top 10 takeaways.

REPORT: 2017 GP Dashboard
Run date: 11/20
This fourth annual report captures the opinions and expectations of a global, diverse group of general partners and offers telling information about where the GP community believes the private markets are headed.

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