As a global leader in our asset class, Hamilton Lane has long been focused on ESG, responsible investing and diversity - within our organization and our broader industry.

We are pleased to share our 2021 Sustainability Report, Safeguarding Futures. This report provides a comprehensive overview of our commitment to ESG and responsible investing, the steps we’re taking to help ensure our clients and partners have the tools they need to implement ESG best practices, and a look into our future in sustainability – a future that keeps in sight our goal of safeguarding our investors and beneficiaries, employees, communities and planet.

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Our Investors & Beneficiaries

We believe that ESG issues can affect investment performance, and that investing responsibly and maintaining accountability can have a positive impact on improved financial performance and value creation. Hamilton Lane’s commitment to ESG starts at the top, with our executive team setting clear expectations that our investment activities reflect our core values, especially "Do the right thing."

Our Employees

There is a global demand for companies to advance more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. We know that smart teams do great things, but diverse teams can do truly incredible things, and the way to affect change is to help create it. That is why at Hamilton Lane, "promoting diversity, equity and inclusion from within" is one of our company values.

Our Communities

As a firm, Hamilton Lane acknowledges the systemic racism that oppresses billions of people around the world, and we recognize that we share in the responsibility to listen to our communities, to understand the issues and to act. We are committed to offering attention, influence and resources to be part of the solution.

Our Planet

We believe the actions we take today that affect our environment will impact all of us. It is our collective responsibility to make thoughtful decisions that will safeguard our planet and preserve it for future generations. Companies that do this are likely more resilient and better positioned for growth.

We believe responsible and sustainable investing is a global business imperative and is key to building long-term value in a rapidly-changing and increasingly complex world.
Mario Giannini

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