Operational Due Diligence

Staffing for Success: The Human Capital Factor

January 24, 2017
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ODD: Soundbites from the Frontline

There was a time when those opening lines from Eminem’s hit, “Lose Yourself,” might have reflected how managers reacted when undergoing a rigorous operational due diligence (ODD) review. But, similar to how B-Rabbit improved his confidence and flow throughout the movie 8 Mile, we are happy to say that GPs also have embraced their ODD reviews and are now more prepared, and seemingly more comfortable, than ever with discussing their operational organizations, structures and even challenges.

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LP's, Are You Sufficiently Investing in Operational Due Diligence?

Although the structure of the private markets industry may limit risk, does it eliminate it altogether? CEO Mario Giannini makes the case for proactively investing in operational due diligence efforts – before it becomes a “have to.”

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Weekly Research Briefing: Many Trends Continuing

While the total equity markets continue to bounce around the zero line this year, some trend lines are moving in their constant direction. Most notably, interest rates remain headed higher.

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