Our three-year Analyst Development Program begins with several weeks of intensive training

Once completed, analysts join our investment team in a role that progressively grows in responsibility and accountability. Analyst roles are exciting and challenging; those in the program are held to high standards and are coached and evaluated regularly.

  • Cohort-based, extensive hands-on training
  • Job skills development
  • Formal and informal mentoring opportunities
  • Coaching by established professionals
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What is the Analyst Development Program?


Analysts participate in a rigorous training program focusing on the private markets, Hamilton Lane’s core processes and their professional role post-training. Training results in improved analytical and technical skills, strategic thinking processes and communication techniques.

Focused Development

Feedback and coaching are integral to the growth of our analysts. Each analyst meets with their supervisor on a regular basis to discuss their performance and can match with a senior professional as part of a mentor relationship.

Opportunity & Exposure

Our analysts are an extension of our investment team. Throughout their time with the ADP, they work with some of the best investors in the private markets and become part of a team that aims to deliver exceptional results.


Our culture is unique within our asset class. The atmosphere in our offices is collegial and transparent; we encourage collaboration where all voices are heard and all opinions are valued.

Career Trajectory

Analysts who successfully complete our program are well-prepared to launch a successful career within the private markets.


Investment Analyst

Analysts work on one of our investment teams (Fund Investments, Secondary Investments, Direct Equity, Real Assets or Direct Credit) in a role that progressively grows in responsibility and accountability over the three-year period.

Private Market Analytics Analyst

Analysts work with the Private Markets Analytics team to provide insightful analysis pertaining to performance measurement, portfolio construction and risk. They support internal and external requests, conducting sophisticated data analysis and sharing thought leadership to drive investment selection, client satisfaction and new business development.

The time and resources put into the Analyst Development Program speak to the culture of the firm. Analysts have the opportunity to collaborate during a thoughtfully developed training program and gain exposure before joining their investment team. The well-rounded experience drives personal and professional growth as analysts begin their careers at Hamilton Lane.
Julia Schumacher

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