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"There are not many companies that would put this much effort and resources into preparing a new analyst class, and I think this clearly reflects the overall attitude of the firm. It is nice to know that I have gained a wide range of experiences that will have fully prepared me for whatever comes next."

-Megan Beecher, ADP class of 2012

What is the Analyst Development Program?

Hamilton Lane ADP Training

Analysts participate in a rigorous training program learning about the private markets, the different functions within Hamilton Lane and their professional role post-training. The training program focuses on helping analysts improve their analytical skills, strategic thinking processes and communication techniques.
Focused Development

Feedback and coaching are integral to the growth of our analysts. Supervisors meet with their analysts on a regular basis to discuss their performance. Analysts have the opportunity to match with a senior professional as a mentor.
Hamilton Lane ADP
Hamilton Lane ADP Opportunity & Exposure

Our analysts have a real position with accountability; not a seat in a back office. They might meet and interact with important clients or elite general partner groups. They become part of a team that delivers exceptional investment results and have the opportunity to work with and be mentored by some of the best people in the private markets.

Hamilton Lane’s culture is unique within our asset class. The atmosphere in our offices is collegial and transparent; we take a collaborative approach to work where individuals’ voices are heard and opinions valued. The work is fast-paced, as we strive to generate the best returns in the industry, and respond quickly and thoroughly to our clients’ needs.
Hamilton Lane ADP
Hamilton Lane ADP Career Trajectory

Analysts who successfully complete our program launch a successful career within the financial services industry, leveraging Hamilton Lane’s global networks.