We’re showcasing recent deals from around the firm, within sectors and companies in which we have strong conviction.


BDP International

Investment Date: November 2018
Strategy: Direct Equity
Industry: Business Services
Who they are: Leading provider of complex, non-asset-based international logistics and supply chain solutions, supporting the unique needs of its global customer base across the chemical, petrochemical, healthcare and life-sciences sectors.

Why It Matters: With the expertise necessary to handle the complexity of international chemical logistics, BDP was well-positioned to capture strong industry growth.

Unique Access: Hamilton Lane invested alongside an experienced sponsor who had tracked BDP for more than a decade prior to investing. The sponsor’s investment was the first institutional capital in the company and was used to professionalize the business. Hamilton Lane was one of a select few strategic partners in the deal.

Climate Impact Partners

Investment Date: October 2020
Strategy: Impact
Industry: Commercial Services and Supplies
Who they are: Provider of carbon offset consulting services that structures, develops and delivers large-scale emission reduction programs for corporate clients in the voluntary and compliance carbon reduction markets.

Why It Matters: Climate Impact Partners generates carbon credits for customers to purchase to offset their carbon footprint, by identifying and establishing projects that deliver climate impacts, such as developing wind farms in Argentina, providing efficient cook stoves in India, and protecting rainforests.

The bottom line: For more than 20 years, the company – which is committed to delivering 1 billion tonnes of CO2 reductions by 2030 – has pioneered the use of carbon finance for projects that transform the global economy, improve health and livelihoods and restore a thriving planet.

The HL advantage: Hamilton Lane sourced the deal directly through a relationship with the founders of the business and negotiated beneficial terms for our LPs.

EN Engineering

Investment Date: August 2019
Strategy: Direct Credit
Industry: Infrastructure Services
Who they are: Provider of regulatory and maintenance-driven services, including design, engineering and program/project management, serving a primarily utility-oriented customer base.

Unique Access: Hamilton Lane has a long-standing relationship with the equity sponsor, with whom we have completed numerous primary investments and co-investments. Our strong relationship allowed us the opportunity to invest directly in the transaction.

Why it matters: The company has developed a long-standing presence in the utility industry as a provider of outsourced maintenance and design services. They have long-term customer relationships, averaging 13 years for the top 10 largest.

The company has a highly cash-generative business model with a variable cost structure, and has generated consistent organic growth while expanding its customer base and offerings through acquisitions.

The bottom line: As the company has continued to grow, so too has our investment. We have made four investments in the company across our platform, continuously leveraging our information advantages and prior strong knowledge of the company.


Project Moneyball

Investment Date: March 2022
Strategy: Secondaries
Industry: Diversified
Who they are: Secondary purchase of a highly-diversified portfolio of LP interests in four buyout funds managed by high-quality GPs.

Unique Access: Initiated through targeted proactive outreach, Hamilton Lane curated an LP-interest portfolio from a broader set of funds. Proprietary data and insights led to conviction in upside drivers and embedded value across the acquired interests.

Why it matters: We were able to leverage our information advantage to identify an attractive inflection point to enter a fund. Our strong relationship with the GP enabled us to proactively identify an LP with appetite for a liquidity solution. Hamilton Lane was then able to execute on a broader transaction with the seller in an efficient and discrete manner that was a win-win solution for all parties involved.

The bottom line: GPs view Hamilton Lane as a strategic partner with expansive investment capabilities, allowing us to utilize our expertise to create proprietary or restricted transactions. In this scenario, we crafted a diversified portfolio while maintaining discipline on due diligence and pricing.


Investment Date: Q1 2021
Strategy: Renewable Power
Industry: Infrastructure
Who they are: Renewable power generation platform with 1.6GW of capacity through a portfolio of wind, solar, geothermal and storage assets based primarily in California. 

Why It Matters: The company plays a central role in the energy transition and operates in a market that has provided a favorable backdrop for further expansion of renewable capacity.

Big Picture: Renewable assets can be expensive to purchase, but the investment provided a unique combination of an attractive portfolio of operational assets and a pipeline of largely pre-contracted development assets, allowing investors to create a larger portfolio of renewables at a more reasonable cost basis than solely purchasing existing assets in the market.

The HL Advantage: Our relationship with the sponsor and its renewables team provided us with access to this unique opportunity. 

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