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Managed & Advised Solutions

Hamilton Lane specializes in building managed and advised solutions that are intended to enhance our clients’ private markets programs.

Separate Accounts

Our separate account programs are completely customized to each individual client, offering the ultimate flexibility around investment strategy, client involvement and pricing.

Advisory Programs

Our comprehensive advisory services are tailored to complement the internal capabilities of our clients. Dedicated client service teams often act as an extension of our clients' staff.



Monitoring & Reporting

Our extensive client services team specializes in providing performance analysis and reporting to our global client base, aiming to act as an extension of clients’ staff and resources. This dedicated team emphasizes transparency, thoughtful communication and regular interaction to ensure that clients have a complete understanding of their portfolio and the confidence that what they are reporting on is the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

In addition, our industry-leading database that we’ve built throughout our firm’s history uniquely positions us – and our clients – to make more informed investment recommendations and decisions. To learn more about the market-leading technology behind our monitoring and reporting capabilities, as well as our other strategic partnerships, click here.