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Making an Impact

We are an investment firm at our core, and sometimes the most deserving investments aren’t found in a pitch book. We believe that investing in our people, our communities and the infrastructure around these initiatives makes us a better partner for our clients.

Firm-Wide Initiatives

Hamilton Lane Women's Exchange Hamilton Lane - HL in Action
Founded in 2013
HL Women's Exchange creates experiences designed to bring Hamilton Lane women together to support their development and success.
Founded in 2013
The mission of HL in Action is to facilitate and promote company-sanctioned volunteer opportunities that help employees feel connected to their communities and, by extension, our firm.
Hamilton Lane - HL Wellness Hamilton Lane - HL in Action
Founded in 2014
The mission of HL Well is to positively influence the Hamilton Lane employee experience by fostering a culture of personal wellness through programs, community and support.
Founded in 2016
At Hamilton Lane, we believe that diverse perspectives lead to informed decisions - decisions that benefit our clients, our employees and our competitive edge.