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Our investment approach benefits from the strength of our
global private markets platform

Based on extensive industry experience and investment expertise, Hamilton Lane’s proactive manager selection process is designed with the goal of successfully identifying and selecting top-performing fund managers.

Our access to top fund managers comes from our scale, global network, prestigious client roster and a proactive effort to find and source. We have a history of successfully accessing top-tier opportunities for new clients and expanding those relationships for our existing clients.

Unique to the industry, Hamilton Lane boasts an in-house legal team that serves as a strategic partner and advocate to our clients throughout the negotiation and closing process. The legal team works to achieve our clients' specific goals and objectives in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

One of Hamilton Lane’s unique competitive advantages is our dedicated research team that works diligently to broaden and enhance Hamilton Lane’s global market perspective, as well as inform our investment decisions. Our research efforts are enhanced by the extensive Hamilton Lane Fund Investment Database, which includes more than 3,300 active funds representing over 1,200 managers and spanning more than 30 years.

Hamilton Lane works closely with clients to build and manage their optimal private markets portfolios. Along with a strategic plan defining both short- and long-term objectives, Hamilton Lane utilizes several proprietary investment tools to ensure that our clients’ portfolios are well positioned to achieve set objectives, as well as to adjust as needed based on market fluctuations or changing goals.